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Introducing the world's first water giving apparel brand!

#Bangladesh Sweater

Water is more important than clothing! That’s why we’re working on a compostable sweater that uses 90% less water than a conventional cotton sweater. We completely abstain from artificial irrigation, cotton, plastics, long transport routes and wage dumping. From the raw material to the finished sweater we stay in Europe. Our vision? A wardrobe with essentials that save and give water. That’s why we pay reparations to countries that have suffered from the textile industry.

For our first product we opted for a unisex sweater – crew-neck, relaxed-fit, with a very special branding. The basis for the #Bangladesh sweater is our especially developed fabric made of modal and hemp. Both fibers grow in Europe and without artificial irrigation. In addition, the yield per kg is up to 4x for modal and twice as high for hemp compared to cotton. Tap on the plus signs for more info.


We are developing a new fabric made of modal and hemp. This composition saves up to 90% of water compared to a conventional cotton garment with similar dimensions. Additionally it has an odor-inhibiting and antibacterial effect.


Each sweater is supplied with geo coordinates printed on the lable to allow you to track exactly which water project is supported by your decision to wear Blue Ben.


It does not only give our sweater a unique look, it’s also our Blue Ben brand icon. To start the Blue Fashion Revolution we needed a symbol which is spreading the word and works as a conversation starter. (BTW it’s removable) 😛


For each sweater of our #Bangladesh collection we pay 10% of the revenue to water and sanitation projects for the ultra poor in Bangladesh.

Soon you can preorder your sweater in one of these 4 colors!

#Natural - Gull Grey
#Bold - Midnight Navy
#Bold - Cherry Tomato
#Limited - AOP

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The Problem

The Thirst of Cotton

Did you know that Cotton is used to produce 40% of the world’s textile products[1] while being one of the most water- and pesticide-intensive crops[2]? That means that the production of a kilogram of cotton drinks between 7.000 and 29.000 litres[3] before hanging in your closet as simple t-shirt.

Water is Scarce!

Only 2.5%[4] of our blue resources are actually fresh water while more than 40%[5] of the planet’s population suffer from water scarcity. Meaning that more than 840 million people[6] still lack basic access to clean drinking water.

Give me More

While our demand for clothes is estimated to increase by almost 63% until 2030 – an equivalent of more than 500 billion t-shirts[7].

“Let’s rethink the industry!”

Our Solutions & Values

No Cotton

No Cotton

High water consumption, transport over long distances, high space requirement and high input of pesticides.

Saves Water

Saves Water

We save up to 90% water. Hemp and Modal fiber need much less water, moreover artificial irrigation is not required.

Gives Water

Gives Water

We pay 10% of our turnover for compensation purposes to countries that have suffered and are still suffering due to the textile industry.

100% Europe

100% Made In Europe

From the fibre to the finished product, everything stays in Europe. At first it will actually stay in France, Austria and Portugal.



We think in cycles and don’t need any plastic for that!

Essentials Only

Essentials Only

Honestly, what do you really need? Fashion that is timeless/classic and long-lasting/durable.

No Seals

No Seals

Honesty works without any seals, we believe in this and act accordingly.

No Sales

No Sales

Appreciation for the product, mankind and the environment. High quality clothes have their price.

Sold Directly To You

Sold Directly To You

How can we keep the prices as low as possible? We sell directly to you without any detours.

Choose Water & Look Awesome!


Our first product is linked to Bangladesh where we team up with BRAC to solve the water crisis for the ultra poor. In September 2017 we visited both, the country and our partner, to discuss solutions for clean water and sanitations projects. Flip through the photos and hard facts below.


160 Million

people live in Bangladesh, in an area that is 2 times smaller than Germany



of the population live below the poverty line with less than USD1.90 per day to spent

Lack of Water Access


of the rural population lack access to clean water

Lack of Sanitation


of the rural population lack access to sanitation facilities

Polluted Groundwater


The majority of the groundwater is arsenic & polluted

Only Saline Water


of the water in the watery South of Bangladesh is salient, hence brackish


  • November 2016

    The movie “The True Cost” inspired our founder to make change happen


  • December 2016

    First successful crowdfunding with the NGO Charity Water


  • January 2017

    Blue Ben’s awakening


  • September 2017

    Trip to our first water project #Bangladesh


  • February 2018

    Trip to the factories in Portugal


  • March 2018

    Start of our Startnext crowdfunding campaign


  • May 2018

    Start of the first production cycle


  • September 2018

    Start of the shipment of our first batch of Blue Ben sweaters


  • October 2018

    Start of our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign


  • January 2019

    Launch of our online store


The Blue Force


Co-Founder & Social Activist

She has successfully launched several projects - for and non-profit - and is now looking forward to building something unique that combines both her skill sets sustainably.



He believes that ideas can make change happen, therefore he brings people together to start something that matters.


Co-Founder & Fashion Director

Creating unique products for humans is his aim.
He worked for several projects with Adidas Originals and is now working on the world's first water giving wardrobe!


Visual Manager

He is the creative mind behind every film and most pictures. Storytelling is his passion.


Head of WASH projects

With a background in Integrated Water Resources Management and Economics, solving the water crisis is her mission. Her international experience makes her the best partner-in-crime in our fight for sustainable water supply and sanitation projects.


Design & Illustration

A pencil and an blank page is all he needs. His gift is to make complexity looking easy through his designs.


Illustration & Fashion

She worked in the fast fashion business for years now she wants to challenge the industry through her fashion designs and illustrations.


Sourcing & Production

Hannes carries the concept of a product with less water consumption from the first sample to the final product.


Visionary & Advisor

Benedikt convinces everyone to sense, act and think beyond our own existence. Just anyone of us can decide today to devote his life to the awareness of humanity. Let us begin to count each day as a life in itself.

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